Notice : Number, Title, Inquiries, Writer, Date, Attached file
No. Title Inquiries Writer Attached File
60 (2023, Spring) Nanotechnologies and disease biomarkers in diagnostics and therapeutics 23 BK21
59 (2023, Spring) T cell immunity to Epstein-Barr virus: from new insight to therapeutic application 35 BK21
58 (2023, Spring) Ribosome traffic: co-translational quality control and translation stress signaling 42 BK21
57 (11 MAY 2023) Genomic mechanisms of protein-DNA interactions during nervous system development 42 BK21
56 (2023, Spring) Integrative co-methylation network analysis identifies novel DNA methylation signatures and their target genes in Alzheimer’s disease 49 BK21
55 (2023, Spring) Application of T-cell engaging bispecific nanosystem for next-generation cancer immunotherapy 61 BK21
54 (2023, Spring) Neuroinflammation and microglial NOD2/RIPK2 signaling in Parkinson’s disease 41 BK21
53 (2023, Spring) Humanized mouse and non-human primate: animal models for hematology research 64 BK21
52 (2023, Spring) A multiplexed GPCR screening platform that sheds light on new biology 80 BK21
51 (2023, Spring) Control of the Hippo pathway for neoplastic and inflammatory diseases 80 BK21
50 (2023, Spring) Application of DNA methylation profiling to forensic genetics 78 BK21
49 (2023, Spring) Molecular grammar of biomolecular phase separation 102 BK21
48 (2023, Spring) Crosstalk between gut bacteria-derived small molecules and human immune system 105 BK21
47 (2023, Spring) The role of meta-research in the medico-scientific field 93 BK21
46 (09 FEB 2023) 의료바이오비지니스 교육연구센터 심포지움 152 BK21
45 (2022, Fall) SKKU GSBMS SEMINAR SERIES 164 BK21
44 (2022, Fall) Chaperone, Chaperna, and Pandemic Vaccines 160 BK21
43 (2022, Fall) Organoid-based study of epithelial homeostasis and regeneration 122 BK21
42 (2022, Fall) Touring our body, cell by cell: New challenges and opportunities in single cell biology 188 BK21
41 (2022, Fall) Early events in RNA virus infection: Uncovering interactions between hostencoded pioneer RNA binding proteins and the pre-replicated viral RNA of Chikungunya virus 151 BK21