Guidelines of the submission of approved thesis as the electronic file and the printed copy

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After the examination, thesis must be submitted according to the following method and schedule. 

Applicants who have passed the thesis examination must submit both electronic files and printed copies for thesis before graduation as follows.


Thesis format

Submission method


electronic files

Submission to the dCollection   )

  2022. 6. 3. (Fri)

~ 7. 1. (Fri) 17:00

printed copy

submission to the administration office


~ 2022. 7. 8. (Fri)

* Deadline follows the academic calendar.

If you do not complete the submission of electronic files and printed copies within the submission deadline even after passing the thesis examination, the degree conferral will be deferred.

Even if you pass the thesis examination, if you do not complete the submission of electronic files and printed copies within the submission deadline, you will be disqualified from graduation.

Applicants who do not complete the submission of electronic files or printed copies of thesis will be considered "course completed". The examination pass will be revoked if the submission is not completed by next semester.

*** Submission of electronic files ***

1.       In the dCollection (, Click ‘Submit Thesis’. When the collection selection screen appears, select ‘Thesis 2022_08’

2.       Enter thesis information and upload electronic files according to the submission process

 1) The name and seal (signature) of the judges must not be on the thesis accreditation form in the electronic file.

 2) The electronic file must be identical with the printed version

 3) After submitting the electronic file, please be sure to check the dCollection site to see if it has been converted normally and the submission status is ‘processed’. 

*** Submission of printed copies ***

After confirming that the electronic file submitted to dCollection is approved, submit the approved files after binding it.

※  Please prepare three copies.  One printed copy must be submitted with the name and seal (signature) of the judges on the accreditation form. The rest of the printed copies must be submitted blank without the name and seal (signature) of the judges on the accreditation form.

*** List of documents to be submitted other than masters/doctoral thesis *** 

(for the degree conferral in August, 2022)    

1. One copy of the online license agreement for works

* If approval is confirmed after online registration, print the relevant homepage and sign by hand

2. One copy of confirmation of thesis content agreement

3. One copy of confirmation of submission of the thesis electronic file

4. One copy of application for deferment of dissertation disclosure (completed when applying for deferred disclosure)

(GLS → Application/Qualification Management → Application for deferment of dissertation disclosure → Disclosure of dissertation (disclosure) → Application)

 After printing the application form, receive confirmation/signature from the advisor, scan it, upload it to GLS again, and submit the original to the administrative office to complete the application

5. One copy of employment status for graduate school graduates (Annex No. 24)

6. One copy of application for change of academic records (check the English name of passport for printing crisis in English literature) (Appendix No. 25 form)

7. One copy of questionnaire completion certificate for new doctoral degree holders in Korea (for submission to the Ministry of Education)

(**Connect to the website and participate in the survey -> Print out the ‘Survey completion certificate’ on the website and submit)


* Paper size: A4 size

* Paper cover: hardcover (양장표지) or semi-hardcover (반양장표지)

- Hardcover: Dark blue (color name: 짙은 곤색) Pokcross gold foiled printing (금박 인쇄)

- Semi-hard cover: white 220g imitation ( 백색  220g  모조 and black-and-white print

* Inside paper (내지): 80g off-white imitation duplex printing (printed so that the back side does not show through) ( 80g  미색   모조   양면인쇄 ( 이면이   비치지   않도록   인쇄 )      

* Printing: Horizontal printing except for the cover side, and double-sided printing is recommended but single-side printing is also possible.

For detailed form of thesis inquiry: 031-299-4034

If you have any question, please ask  031-299-6027 /