2023 Winter Commencement / SKKU Graduation Ceremony

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Here is a guide to the offline graduation ceremony with all the graduates of February 2023 as follows.


1. Overview of the entire graduation ceremony

1) Date:  February 15, 2023 (Wednesday) 11:00 (takes about 70-90 minutes) 

2) Venue: Millennium Hall, B2, 600th Anniversary Hall (In-sa Campus; Seoul)

3) Offline graduation ceremony (online real-time broadcasting concurrently)

4) Relay Seat: 600th Anniversary Memorial Hall (Insa Cam) B1 Euningol Restaurant, 5th Floor Cho Byung-Doo International Hall

  ※ You can watch the live broadcast of the graduation ceremony through the screen installed in your seat. Graduates and congratulatory guests who have not been able to enter the Millennium Hall, please use the relay site.

5) Information on admission to the Millennium Hall and seat allocation for graduates/celebrants attending the event will be additionally announced when details are finalized.

 In consideration of COVID-19 and congestion at the event venue, the number of people entering and attending the event venue (New Millennium Hall) will be limited by prior application, etc. We ask for your understanding for not being able to invite everyone to the event, and we ask for the cooperation of the congratulatory guests, including graduates and their families.

 Whether or not the graduation ceremony is held and the schedule for each university (department) is different for each university (department). Please inquire at the administrative office of your affiliated college.


2. Graduation Celebration Outdoor Photo Zone Operation Information

1) Operating period: 2. 10. (Fri) ~ 2. 20. (Mon)

2) Installation location: [Insa Cam] Geumjandi Square in front of Business Administration Hall / [Jagwa Cam] Lawn Square in front of Samsung Academic Information Center


3. Graduation Uniform Rental / Diploma Distribution / Graduation Certificate Issuance: Refer to the attached document

 Graduation wear rental is explained in more detail in the 2023 Winter Graduation Uniform Rental Business Guide in the Notice.


4. Note: We ask that you use public transportation because the school campus is crowded and parking spaces are limited on the day, so vehicle access may be restricted.