Regular safety training for the second semester of the 2023 academic year

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Regular safety training for the second semester of the 2023 academic year


1. The regular safety training for the second semester of the 2023 academic year in accordance with Articles 2 and 18 of the Act on Creating a Safe Environment in Research Laboratories will be conducted online as follows, so please take the training for undergraduate students, graduate students, and researchers who are engaged in research activities,

2. If you are a member of the College of Medicine, please complete the safety training for the second semester of the 2023 academic year in the safety information network by Friday, October 6, 2023.


A. Training deadline: Oct. 6, 2023 (Fri)

B. Submission of completion certificate: None

*Completion can be verified through the safety information network, so a certificate of completion is not submitted separately.

C.        Eligibility: All researchers affiliated with the College of Medicine (undergraduate students, graduate students, and researchers)

D.        Training method: Online class, see attached document for details

E.         Measures for non-completers

- Those subject to compulsory school uniforms for safety education: Restrictions on viewing grades during the grade disclosure period, and marking grades as a result of completion. Restriction on thesis defense (Masters program)

- Visitors to Suwon Medical Center: Restricted access (Secom card suspension), restricted use of shared equipment rooms

Bar.      Laboratory Cooperation

- For personnel working in the laboratory, please be sure to register as a worker in the appropriate laboratory in the safety information network.

- Please delete personnel who do not work in the laboratory due to graduation and retirement certificates.

- After the completion of the training period, the access control office will take measures against those who have not completed the training based on the information of the workers registered in the safety information network.

Attachment. Guidance on mandatory attendance of safety education for research workers in medical schools Part 1.

Dean of the College of Medicine


Mandatory Safety Training for Research Personnel at Medical Schools


I. Overview

1. Relevance: Article 14 of the Safety Environment Management Regulations and Article 18 of the Act on Creating a Safe Environment in Research Laboratories

2. Implementation of the academic system reflected in the compulsory curriculum for efficient management of safety education

3. Prevention of safety accidents that may occur during research and classes through education


II. Education Target and Completion Requirements




Completion requirements

1st semester (6 hours or more)

2nd semester (6 hours or more)


All pre-medical students          

Common courses (6)

Common + elective courses (6)



Combined Masters and Doctorate

All General Graduate Students and Researchers      

Common courses (6)

Common + elective courses (6)

* For course information, please refer to Sungkyunkwan University Safety Telegram Network ( "Safety Education" -> "Online Safety Education" menu.

* Completion of the course is only possible after completing the final grade (60 points or more in total).


III. Completion method: Online class

1. Course site: PC (

2. Login with your Woori University homepage ID and password, or self-sign up for general researchers without academic records.

3. Select Laboratory Safety Education on the main screen or select Safety Education-Online Safety Education on the top menu.

4. Select the safety education course when you log in for the first time every semester and take the course.

*Certification time per online course: 1 hour

*After completing the training, the final evaluation must be completed to complete the completion process (certificate of completion can be printed)

5. Application for safety education courses for current students: Automatic batch application

* Confirmation path: Class area> (undergraduate or graduate) course application>Weekly table view

6. All researchers must complete the course by the deadline each semester . In case of non-completion, restrictive measures will be taken according to the policy

* No certificate of completion will be submitted separately


IV. Contact us

1. Safety Education Officer, Safety and Health Team, Sungkyunkwan University: 031-290-5124

2. Safety Education Department, Sungkyunkwan University College of Medicine: 031-299-6350 (Suwon). 02-2148-9911 (Clinical Education Center)