Notice of Korean Dissertation Proofreading Support for Foreign Master’s Students

GSBMS Date 2024-05-30 오후 4:58:33 Inquiries 107

  1. Eligibility : Foreign masters students and graduates who are writing their dissertation or graduation alternative papers in Korean in the general graduate school.
  2. Support Details : Proofreading support for the draft submitted for the main examination.
  3. Application Period : From the time of application for main examination until Friday, June 21, 2024.
  4. Application Method : The student must fill out the recommendation form (attached form 1), obtain the signature of their advisor in the confirmation section, and then scan and submit it along with the draft of the final dissertation via email.
  5. Submission Email :
  6. Notes : The thesis proofreading service is provided only once during enrollment. If there are many applicants or if the thesis is lengthy, we may have to select candidates for support or limit the length (up to 100 pages of the main text) for the proofreading service.
  7. Inquiries : International Student Support Team, 02-760-0026

May 27, 2023

International Office, International Student Support Team