(2022-2) Ph.D. course Preliminary/Final Examination Application Guide

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Please prepare all attached required documents to apply preliminary or final examination for Ph. D. course.

Eligibility for the preliminary examination for Ph.D. course


1) A student who acquired 27 credits or more (if integrated course: A student who has been recommended by an advisor after acquiring more than 39/42 credits)

2)  A student with  average GPA 3.0 or higher

Eligibility for the final examination for Ph.D. course


1)  A student who acquired  36 credits or more (integrated course: 51 credits or more)

2)  A student with  average GPA 3.0 or higher

3) A student who passed all thesis submission qualification (preliminary / foreign language examination) and preliminary examination, qualified publication criteria, completed safety education and to pay tuition for research enrollment

1) Application period:   2022. 10. 17. (Mon) ~ 10. 24. (Mon) 17:00

2) Place of application: Administration Office on the 1st floor of the Medical Building


 Thesis review period: 2022. 10. 25. (Tue) ~ 12. 09. (Fri)


 The deadline for submitting the thesis evaluation report: by 2022. 12. 22. (Thu) 17:00


 Submission of a printed copy of the dissertation for degree claim (applicable to the original trial): by 2023. 1. 6. (Fri)


 The deadline for on-line dissertation submission: by 2022. 12. 30. (Fri)

The examination will be conducted face-to-face this semester, however, non-face-to-face examination can be conducted in an unavoidable COVID-19 situation.

For more information, please refer to the College of Medicine website > Graduate School (Biomedical Science Department) > Academic Guide 39-44 Inquiries 031-299-6027 /