[2023-1] Guidelines for Withdrawal of Completion (M.S.-Ph.D integrated course)

GSBMS Date 2023-02-23 오후 5:56:02 Inquiries 610 20232231756232162000.hwp

In accordance with Sungkyunkwan University School Regulations Article 51 (degree conferment),

If you wish to withdraw from the combined masters and doctoral course, please apply through GLS within the deadline.

1. Qualifications: Students who are currently enrolled in or have completed the M.S.-Ph.D integrated course at the university and wish to give up completing the M.S.-Ph.D integrated course and obtain a masters degree

※ Masters degree can be obtained if the masters degree conferment criteria are met after giving up the combined masters and doctoral degree course

※ Re-admission to the same degree course is not allowed if the masters degree is obtained after giving up the combined masters and doctoral course.

2. Application period: 2.27.(Mon) 09:00 ~ 3.3.(Fri) 23:00

※ The application period is extended until 3.2.

※ You can apply after paying the tuition for the first semester of 2023

3. How to apply: GLS>Application/Qualification Management>Application for waiver of master’s and doctoral integrated course

※ When applying for GLS, the department head/advisor confirmation letter must be signed and uploaded (refer to the attached form)

※ If it is difficult to visit the school and obtain the signature of the department head/advisor, you can capture the e-mail that the department head/advisor confirmed the withdrawal application and upload it as an attachment.

4. Note: If a foreign student withdraws from the combined masters and doctoral course, the student will be treated as "unregistered expulsion" when the 4 semesters and credits for completion of the masters program are completed. Therefore, from the point of unregistered expulsion after the end of the 4th semester, you cannot stay in Korea any longer, and visa extension is not possible.

Therefore, you must leave Korea immediately after the end of the 4th semester, and after leaving the country, you must receive online guidance from the professor and proceed with the thesis review. If you submit a masters thesis later, you can confer a masters degree.

5. For other inquiries, please contact the Academic Call Center (1811-8585) or the administrative office of your affiliated university.