Dissertation Examination (Preliminary / Final Examination) Details

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Dissertation Examination (Preliminary / Final Examination) Details

We sincerely thank the examiners for accepting the Masters / Doctoral dissertation examination (preliminary examination / main examination), and we ask you to examine the dissertation in accordance with the relevant regulations such as the Universitys academic rules and bylaws and the following points.

1. Review Overview

1) Subject of Examination: Masters / Doctoral dissertation examination (preliminary examination / Final examination) at Sungkyunkwan University, Graduate School of Medicine

2) Examination period:  2023. 4. 25.(Tue) ~ 6. 9.(Fri)

3) List of judges and students to be examined: refer to the Appendix

4)  Dissertation to be examined: Delivered directly to the professor by the student individually

5) Screening location: Designated location by classroom

6) Deadline for submitting the examination result report and location of submission:  Until 17:00 on June 16, 2023 (Thursday) , Medical School Administration Office

      Principle of submission by the chairperson of the examination committee (attached examination form)

      - Medical School: College of Medicine, 1st floor (031-299-6027)

     - Clinical Department and Cooperative Program: Samsung Life Insurance Ilwon-dong Building B, 9th Floor (02-2148-9913)

  7) Payment of dissertation examination fee: A small amount will be deposited into the reviewers personal account after the end of the review.


2. Examination Details

1) Students to be examined

     - Determine the examination schedule in consultation with the advisor (or chairman of the examination committee) and contact the examination committee (if necessary, the advisor will contact you).

     - Send the dissertation to be examined to the judges individually at least one week before the commencement of the examination


  2) Judges

     - Attend and judge the committee, complete the  examination report, and submit it to the chairman.

     * Dissertation to be examined will be sent individually by the student before the committee is held.


  3) Chairman

      - The chairperson (or advisor) decides and conducts all reviews in consultation with the reviewers.

     - At least one preliminary / Final examination committee (thesis content examination + oral examination) will be held.

       Preliminary examination: 1 time, the written examination can be replaced if unavoidable (signature required)

      ②  Main examination: 2 times, public presentation principle, if unavoidable, the first and second examination can be held together.

     -  After collecting the judging reports of each judge, prepare and submit the examination result report.


4) Composition of judges and criteria for judging the total award


Preliminary/Final Judges

Acceptance Criteria

Masters course

3 people including advisor

2 or more  judges out of 3 in favor

Doctoral course

5 people including advisor

Preliminary: 4 or more judges in favor

Final: 4 or more judges in favor

Combined Masters and Doctoral course


5) Examination process

     - Examination contents

       Dissertation contents review

         Oral examination: Each judge evaluates the knowledge related to the thesis by asking questions to the student; in principle, the student answers directly.

     - Passing judgment: Must be conducted after the student leaves the examination center.


6) Relationship between journal articles and dissertation               *Chairperson must also complete the Commissioner form





Masters Program


Masters dissertation Preliminary Examination Report 1 copy.

[Attachment 4].

Masters degree dissertation examination report 1 copy.

[Attachment 6]


Masters Main Examination Summary 1 copy.

[Attachment No. 6 (Form 2)].


1 copy each of the preliminary examination report of the masters dissertation

(Total 3 copies).

[ Attachment No. 4 (Form 2 )]. 

Masters thesis examination report 1 copy each (3 copies in total).

[Attachment No. 6 (Form 3)].

Doctoral Program

(including combined program)


Doctoral Dissertation Preliminary Examination Report 1 copy .

[ Attachment No. 8]

Doctoral Dissertation Examination Report 1 copy .

[ Attachment No. 10] .

Doctoral Main Examination Summary 1 copy.

[Attachment No. 10 (Form 2)] .


1 copy each of the preliminary examination report of the doctoral dissertation.

(Total 5 copies).

[ Attachment No. 8 (Form 2) ].

Doctoral Dissertation Examination Report 1 copy each (5 copies in total).

[ Attachment No. 10 ( Form 3)].


Dean of Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine