(2022-2) Announcement of Qualifying Exam (QE) for Ph.D and M.S.-Ph.D integrated course

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By 2022. 8. 12. (Fri) 15:00, submit   documents to the administrative office

   Qualifying Exam Application form [Appendix No. 11 Form]

   One-page Abstract [Appendix No. 11-2 Form]


 The subject and content of the QE Proposal must be written in English, and you must select a field that has little or no relation to your graduation thesis. If the topic of QE is similar to the topic of the students graduation thesis, it will be invalidated.

  Applicants for the QE test must apply for the major test at GLS at the same time (on-line) from 2022. 8. 30. (Tuesday) to 9. 1. (Thu) and take the QE test

 The exam is conducted once every semester. Those who do not pass the QE can retake the exam in the next semester.


1.   QE Overview

1) Test type

QE Proposal examination and oral examination


2) The acceptance criteria

70 points or more in each of Abstract, Proposal, and Oral tests on a 100-point scale


3) Eligibility

- Applicants who have obtained at least the credits specified below for each degree program and have an average GPA of 3.0 or higher

Ph.D course applicants who have acquired more than 27 credits or more.

Integrated M.S. and Ph.D course applicants who have acquired 39 credits or more.

 42 credits or more are required for the integrated course applicants whose student number is before 2011.

- Applicants who submitted a safety education certificate every semester

 Students must complete one safety education course per semester from admission to the semester of the final examination


2.   Full proposal

-       The student will fill out the Proposal For Qualifying Exam in English [Appendix No. 12 Form] and send the written proposal to all 3 members of the Qualifying Committee by email by 2022. 9. 7 (Wed).

-       By 2022. 9. 15 (Wed),  the evaluation result will be sent to the administrative office


3.   Oral examination

1) Oral Examination must be completed by 2022. 9. 22. (Thu).

 The examination schedule is conducted independently in consultation with the advisor and the chairperson of the examination


2) Oral exam result should be notified by 2022. 9. 29. (Thu)

 The chairperson submits the results to the administrative office within the deadline.


3) The announcement of test results is scheduled for 2022. 10. 6 (Thu).


If you have any questions, please ask administration office (T.031-299-6027)