(2022-2) Candidates for the thesis submission qualification test (foreign language/major examination)

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The list and date and time of applicants for the foreign language test/major test for the second semester of 2022 are as follows.




- Test date: September 23 (Fri) 2pm


- Venue: Great lecture hall on the 1st floor of the Medical building



 Foreign language test and major test are conducted on 2 pm simultaneously (1 hour for each test).

Candidates for foreign language test     손주희  ,  Maria Sultan  ,  김나연  ,  방원진  ,  김성희  , WEI SHIBO, ZHANG YAN,  황혜연  ,  방유나  , NGUYEN NHU NAM


    Exempted       김혜영   ,   조정우   ,   김나현   ,   김동오   ,   배윤예   ,   박수빈   ,   조수미   ,   고보경

3. QE applicants will automatically pass the major examination if they pass QE 

- QE applicants: 김병성 , 박수연 , 조정우 , Maria Sultan , Maria Razzaq, 조윤영 , 김나연 , WEI SHIBO

* Students who have fever or other self-quarantine students or who do not wear a mask will be prohibited from entering the examination hall


* Electronic dictionaries and English dictionaries are not allowed


* Note: Only resident registration card, drivers license, and passport are accepted for identification.


* Check-in is possible from 13:40 to minimize the risk of infection with COVID-19


* Candidates are requested to enter the examination hall by 13:55 at the latest.



Announcement of successful applicants:  To be announced individually on October 7 (Fri)



Inquiries: / 031-299-6027