Thesis examination (preliminary / major examination) details

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  Judging period:  2022. 10. 25. (Tue) ~ 12. 09. (Fri)

  Papers for review:  students individually deliver to the professor

  Deadline for submission of the examination result report and where to submit: By 2022. 12. 22. (Thu) 17:00, Medical School Administration Office


As a general rule, the committee chairperson collects and submits them (please refer to the attached form) to the administration office in the medical school building (031-299-6027)


Students subject to examination should discuss with the advisor (or the chairperson of the review committee) to determine the review schedule and contact the reviewers (if necessary, the advisor of the student will contact them)


  Papers for review are individually sent to the relevant reviewers  up to one week prior to the meeting of the review committee.


[Committee composition and criteria for pass/fail]



Passing criteria


3 judges including the advisor

2 or 3 judges vote for pass


5 judges including the advisor

4 or 5 judges vote for pass

(Preliminary and Final examination)

M.S.-Ph.D. integrated



[How to proceed with the review]

     - Review details:

        Evaluation and review of thesis content

        Oral examination: In principle, each reviewer asks a question to the student subject to examination, evaluates the knowledge related to the thesis, and the student answers directly.

     - Acceptance decision must be carried out after the students subject to examination leave the facility


[ Relationship between journal published thesis and degree thesis]

     - “Contents presented for the publication of academic papers to the journal” can be included in “Thesis”, but an “academic paper for the publication to the journal” cannot be substituted for “Thesis”.

     - In principle, the contents of the thesis should be published in domestic and foreign academic journals after obtaining a degree.