Course registration information (2023-1)

GSBMS Date 2023-02-04 오후 5:15:50 Inquiries 385

Please register for classes this semester on the website


1. This semester, classes for GSBMS will be held face-to-face.

2. Course registration period :  2. 16. (Thu) ~ 2. 22. (Wed) 10:00-22:59   (Excluding weekends and holidays)

3. Course change and confirmation period: 2. 27. (Mon) 08:00 ~ 3. 3. (Fri) 22:59

****2. 28. (Tue) 17:00 ~ 3. 2. (Thu) 07:59 Course registration is not possible  

→ Date of class discontinuation: 3. 6. (Mon) / Additional course registration for students who apply discontinued class : 3. 7. (Tue) 08:00 ~ 22:59

4. Course registration process for the new students (freshmen)

After paying the tuition → School website ( → Kingo ID LOGIN → Access / Sign up as a member and register for classes on the course registration website (

(You can check your student ID after sign-up)

5. Information on matters to be noted when registering for courses

1) When registering for a course, you have to select course registration or pre-registration.

- For major courses, click “Course Registration”.

- However, for “Thesis Writing Method and Research Ethics 1”, please click “Pre-registration”.

 Pre-registration credits are not limited by the maximum number of credits per semester.


2) Completion of thesis writing method and research ethics course

- Beginning with the freshman class of 2016, it is mandatory to complete 1 credit of "Thesis Writing Method and Research Ethics 1" prerequisite course.

(Students who inevitably failed to apply last semester or who failed must complete the course this semester.)

* If you do not complete the course, you cannot be disqualified from completing the course or apply for the thesis review

- 2016 ~ 2019 student: Cannot complete if course is not completed

- Students enrolled in 2020 and after: If you do not complete the course, you cannot apply for the main examination


3) Check the remarks column on the course registration screen