[Graduate Innovation Support Project] Announcement of SKKU Graduate Student research paper Contest]

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[Graduate Innovation Support Project] Announcement of SKKU Graduate Student research paper Contest]

In order to discover creative and challenging on-campus researchers to enhance the research capabilities of the next generation, the Graduate Innovation Support Project will hold the SKKU Graduate Student Research Paper Contest as follows.


- 1. Overview

A. Eligibility

1) Students enrolled in graduate school (masters / doctoral / combined masters and doctoral students)

  Only general graduate students can apply (professional and special graduate students are not eligible. However, full-time students of the National Defense University, academic degree students of the Law School, and doctoral research students (research students within 4 years of admission) are eligible).

For details on eligibility, please refer to

2) You can apply in any combination of departments, research centers, or between departments and research centers (you can apply alone or in a team).

3) Supported disciplines: Humanities and social sciences/all fields of science and technology


B. Application conditions: Papers that have not been published in publications (including online) at home or abroad as of the application deadline.


C. Selection scale (one paper can be submitted per person as an individual or team)

1) Total number of awards: 38 teams (around 16 humanities and social sciences/22 engineering)



Humanities and Social Sciences

Sciences and Engineering

Number of Awards

Award Amount (KRW)

Number of Awards

Award Amount (KRW)

Grand award


4 Million


5 Million

Excellence award


3 Million


4 Million

Encouragement Award


2 Million


3 Million

 Taxes on the award amount must be paid by the applicant.

 If the quality of the paper is low, the selection scale may be reduced from the plan.



2.Application Method and Submission Documents

A. Application period: 2023. 6. 12. (Mon) ~ 2023. 8. 18. (Fri)

B. Application method: GLS computerized application (*Computerized application menu from this year)

C.Submission documents: PDF copy of application form and paper abstract (about 5 pages including references)

The abstract should be more detailed than the general abstract for evaluation purposes.


3.Evaluation Method

A.Evaluation Schedule (subject to change)

1)Review of paper abstract and presentation: 2022. 8~9 

2)Announcement of results: September 2022.

B.Evaluation items: Originality / creativity, objectivity / clarity of research, academic value, social contribution, potential for future development, etc.


4.Project Management Plan

A.This competition is not a paper award that is formally registered in a journal and does not publish a separate paper book.

B.The copyright of the selected paper belongs to the applicant

C.If you want to publish your paper in an international journal, we will fully support the paper editing service.

D.This is a research contest for pure academic competition, and the publication of the paper in a formal academic journal must be conducted separately by the individual.