Application for exemption from thesis submission qualification test for the first semester of 2023 (Masters program)

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Application for exemption from thesis submission qualification test for the first semester of 2023 (Masters program)


*Alternative recognition of thesis submission qualification

Students who meet the following requirements may be eligible for alternative recognition of thesis submission qualification examination by submitting an application for alternative recognition with the recommendation of their advisor, subject to the approval of the dean.

① Satisfy major knowledge (required courses) + ② Satisfy publication of journal articles + ③ Satisfy major examination application qualification (credits + safety education) + ④ Recommendation of advisor (= signature of advisor)

Exemption for examination is only available for masters programs, and doctoral/integrated programs must take the QE (major examination).


*Alternative Application Schedule

Apply for on-line exhibition at GLS + apply for off-line alternative recognition at the same time.

Even if you are eligible to apply for alternative recognition, you must apply separately during the application period.


Application Period

Alternative Recognition Eligibility Criteria


Major knowledge

Research achievements

Alternative Recognition


2023. 8. 28. (Mon) ~ 2023. 8. 31. (Thu)



Required subjects

1 subject A or above

1 SCI-level first author or higher

- Earned 15 or more credits with an average grade of 3.0 or higher and completed safety training every semester




Alternative Recognition Criteria

Application Criteria

Publication of at least one SCI-level main author (including SCIE and SSCI)

Alternative publication date: Only accepted after admission to the degree program (not accepted for publication)

A or better in one required course and recommendation from the advisor


Those who have earned 15 or more credits in the masters program and have an average grade of 3.0 or higher (usually applied in the third semester)

Submit a certificate of completion of safety training every semester of the period.

Application procedure

Apply directly to GLS within the application deadline and submit an application for each of the external demonstration and exhibition with the recommendation of your advisor.

Apply in GLS and submit the [Application for Alternative Recognition of Thesis Submission Qualification Examination (Form 2 of Attachment No. 2)] and related supporting documents to the administrative office.

Kingo ID Login > GLS > Application / Qualification Management > Test Application > Application for Thesis Submission Qualification Test / Exemption > First Foreign Language & Major Subjects

*Doctoral and integrated students are not eligible to apply for alternative recognition (obligated to take the QE).

*After applying for the examination, if approved, you will be exempted through the faculty system, i.e., you must apply for the examination. (Exemption is not possible if you do not apply for GLS)


Attachment 1. [Form 2 in Attachment 2] Application for Alternative Recognition of Dissertation Qualifying Examination 1 copy. End.



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