2023-2 Masters Program Foreign Language Test Alternative Course(TOEIC)

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1.     Course Overview



Course Name

Masters Program Foreign Language Test Alternative Course (TOEIC, Campus Integration 1 Course)


Masters students (※ Students in the last semester, leave of absence, and graduates are not eligible; however, eligibility may be changed depending on the situation of each department (please contact the academic administrator))

Application Period

2023.9.13(Wed) ~ 9.27(Wed) 16:00(Virtual account deposit after that time is not possible)


2023.10.10.(Tue) ~ 12.21.(Thu), 22 days, 66 hours (humanities, nature integration)

Class procedure

Live video lectures using Zoom

Course fee

300,000 KRW per person

Cancellation Criteria

Course will be canceled if less than 10 people apply


Closed if there are more than 30 applicants (by the date of payment)

Evaluation Method

Pass if the combined score of attendance and evaluation test is 700 or more (out of 990 points)

- If you are absent for more than 7 days, you will fail regardless of the total score.

- Total score = ( Final TOEIC score x 85 ) + 148 attendance points (6.7 points per day)

In case of TOEIC, proceed with mock TOEIC


Students who are admitted to the alternative course will be exempted from taking the foreign language test in that semester,

However, this is only possible if your college or department recognizes the alternative course.


2.     Online applications and refunds



Online application

Go to Sungkyunkwan University website ( and log in with your school ID -> GLS -> Application / Eligibility Management -> Sungkyunkwan Language Institute Course Application -> Course Registration -> Select Humanities and Social Sciences Campus -> Apply for 2023 2nd semester Masters Program Foreign Language Test Alternative Course (TOEIC)

Refund criteria

Return Reason Date

Refund Amount

Before the first day of class

Full tuition refund

After the start date

Compliance with Article 18 of the Education Act and the Enforcement Decree of the same Act

* If the course is canceled due to less than 10 participants, a full refund will be provided.