<Selecting a Thesis Advisor and Submitting an Application for the First Semester of 2024>

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1. Thesis Advisor

Students in the graduate degree program must write a thesis and pass the examination to obtain a degree,

In this case, it means being assigned a professor to help you write your thesis.


2. When to select a thesis advisor and submit an application

Both masters and doctoral programs must select and submit an application at the same time as enrollment.

- Application period: 2024.3.15.(Fri) 5:00 p.m.

- Application location: Medical School Administration Office (031-299-6027) on the 1st floor of the Medical Center

** Please submit directly to the administrative office


3. Thesis Advisor Selection

- Application documents: Freshmen students select a thesis advisor and submit the following 1, 2, and 3 documents to the administrative office on the 1st floor of the Medical Center with the stamp of the relevant professor and major professor.

1) [(Appendix No. 1 form) Thesis advisor application form].

2) [(Attachment 1 No. 2) Thesis Plan].

3) [(Attachment No. 1, Form 3) Personal Information Collection and Use Agreement for the Degree Program]

 If the thesis advisor application form is not submitted, the preliminary examination/main examination cannot be applied.

(Attachment form: College of Medicine Homepage > Graduate Program > Life Science Division > Attachment form)


4. Change of thesis advisor

- In principle, the thesis advisor cannot be changed, and if the thesis advisor is changed for unavoidable reasons, the dean may change the thesis advisor at the request of the major professor.

- Application documents: When changing the thesis advisor, submit the following 1,2 documents to the administrative office on the 1st floor of the Medical Center with the seal of the relevant professor.

1) [(Appendix No. 18 form) Application for change of thesis advisor].

2) [(Attachment No. 18, Form 2) Thesis research plan (change of supervisor)]


*Director by class

Professor Ilmin Kwon,



Professor Kyeung Min Joo, Anatomy & Cell Biology

Professor Hyun Jin Kim, Physiology

Professor Kwan-Hyuck Baek, Molecular and Cell Biology

Professor Kwan Soo Ko, Microbiology

Professor Ki-Young Lee, Immunology

Professor Joo-Ho Shin, Pharmacology

Professor Jae Hyun Park, Sociology

Professor Kyeong Kyu Kim, Precision Medicine

Please be sure to get your major professors signature on the signature line.



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