Thesis Qualifying Examination Applicants for the First Semester of the 2024 Academic Year

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Thesis Qualifying Examination Applicants for the First Semester of the 2024 Academic Year

The following is the list of applicants for the foreign language examination/major examination for the first semester of the 2024 academic year. 

- Examination date: 3.29. (Fri), 3-4 p.m. (until 5 p.m. for those taking the major and foreign language exams simultaneously)

- Location: Large Lecture Hall on the 1st floor of the Medical Center (711112)

1. List of foreign language test takers (total 15):  BAYRTA, HAN FUSHANG, HAQUE RAZAUL, LE THI ANH KIM, MARAKKALAGE KAMINDU GAYASHAN,

NGUYEN DO THANH TRUC, PUSPITASARI INES FERDIANA, WANG NAIYU, 김병성, 김선엽,김영관, 김재민, 김지영, 박준형, 박형진석청, 이민혁, 조현우



2. List of major examination candidates (total 13):

- Environmental epidemiology : 김재민

- Current Topics of Infection and Inflammation : 서강훈

- Human Physiology :  권영도 김아리 문은지 박지우 박형진 유신 이민영 이혜윤 최시현

- Current topics in Cell Biology :  MARAKKALAGE KAMINDU GAYASHAN,  이지연


3. QE applicants will automatically pass the major exam when passing QE

- QE applicants (total 16): BAGARIA JAYA, CHEN SI, GONG SHUANG, HAQUE RAZAUL, 김다은, 김영관, 김지홍, 박준형, 쉬레스타 먼주 , 윤준섭 , 이경민 , 이나래 , 이주현 , 임지은 , 쩌우더리 디네스 , 한선영


4. Announcement of successful candidates:   4.12. (Fri), individual notification will be made.


* For those who took the external examination and exhibition at the same time, 1 hour per subject (major examination -> foreign language examination) will be given.

* Electronic dictionaries, English dictionaries, calculators, smartphones, smartwatches, etc. are not allowed to be used/possessed.

* Note: Only national ID cards, drivers licenses, and passports are accepted for identification.

* Admission is available from 14:40.

* Candidates are requested to enter the examination center by 14:55 at the latest.


Inquiries : / 031-299-6027