Notice of Thesis/Dissertation Binding & Submission for 2024 Summer Graduates

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Notice of Thesis/Dissertation Binding & Submission for 2024 Summer Graduates

Notice of Thesis/Dissertation Binding & Submission for 2024 Summer graduates


1. Final Dissertation (Electronic & Printed) Submission Documents

A. Electronic submission of thesis

1) Submission period: 2024. 06. 13.(THU) ~ 07. 11.(THU) 17:00 (strictly on time)

 You can submit 24 hours during the submission period, but the deadline is 17:00.


2) Submit to: dCollection Sungkyunkwan University ( )

Use Kingo Portal ID/PW for login (no separate submitter authentication procedure)

   - Click Submit Thesis

Select Dissertation 2024_08 when the collection selection screen appears.

   - Enter the thesis information and upload the electronic file according to the submission screen.

(Login   Select collection   Submitter information   Enter meta information   Copyright agreement   Register original text   Confirm submission   Complete submission   View submission history   Check personal notice)

* If there is no collection available for submission, please refer to the library announcement ->.


3) Notes on submission

The name and signature of the examiner must not be included in the electronic version of the thesis statement.

The electronic file must match the printed version.

 After submitting the electronic file, be sure to check the dCollection site to see if it has been properly converted and the submission status is processed .

Be sure to check the dCollection site and bind the hard copy.

(After confirming that the electronic file has been approved, bind it with the approved file)

 It will take about 2 days to approve the electronic file of the original thesis after submission,

If modifications are required, resubmission may be requested, so please complete submission at least 3-4 days before the deadline.



 Submit electronic file

- Phone : Natural Science Information Team 031-299-4034 / 4026

- E-mail :


B. Submit a hard copy of your thesis

1) Submission materials: Masters / Doctoral 3 copies

Submit one printed copy with the name and signature of the reviewer,

The remaining printed copies should be submitted in blank without the names and signatures of the judges.


2) Submission deadline: 2024. 7. 19. ( Fri ) 17:00 by the deadline!!!


3) Where to submit: College of Medicine Administration Office 1F

Instructions for submitting the final version of the graduate thesis

   - Check on Sungkyunkwan University homepage > Education > Academic Affairs > Thesis

      ( )


D. Documents other than a hard copy of the thesis





Common submission documents

1. Thesis content matching confirmation form (fill in the attached Korean Yangsing and print and submit)

2. Dissertation electronic file submission confirmation form (print and submit from the dCollection site after the submitted electronic file has been approved by the academic information center staff)

3. Dissertation Deferral Application Form (only for those eligible for deferral)

Submit PhD only


New Doctoral Candidate Survey (submit questionnaire or proof of online survey completion)


1) Thesis electronic file submission confirmation form and work online license agreement signed / stamped copy each 1 copy

(Can be printed from dCollection submission history: Log in to the online thesis submission site   click "Submission History" in the top menu   click the printer-like icon)

2) Online copyright agreement form 1 copy: Signature / stamped copy

3) Thesis content congruence confirmation form 1 copy (attachment 1): Signature / stamped copy

4) 1 copy of thesis disclosure suspension application form (optional, only for those eligible for disclosure suspension) (Attachment 2): Signature / seal

5) Graduate employment status 1 copy (Attachment 3): Signature / seal

6) Application for change of academic records 1 copy ( Attachment 4 ) : Signature / seal

7) (Doctoral degree holders only) 1 copy of the new domestic doctoral degree holder survey table (print out the survey completion certificate after responding to the online survey)

*Application for Deferred Publication: GLS   Application / Qualification Management   Application for Deferred Publication of Dissertation   Deferred Publication of Dissertation (Deferred Publication)   Application

(After printing the application form, get the advisors confirmation/signature, scan it, upload it to GLS again, and submit the original to the administrative office to complete the application)

*Deadline for submitting the application form (original): Submit to the administrative office by 17:00 on July 19, 2024.


*In August 2024, doctoral degree recipients (including integrated masters and doctoral programs) are required to participate in the Korean New Doctoral Degree Recipient Survey organized by the Ministry of Education and the Korea Institute of Occupational Proficiency. Please refer to the file in Attachment 2 to participate in the survey and submit the survey completion certificate when submitting the hard copy.

*New Doctoral Degree Acquisition Survey: Access to the homepage (http:/   Participate in the survey   Print out the survey completion certificate   Submit to the administrative office


2. Restriction of degree granting for non-submission of thesis

-If you do not submit the completed thesis within the deadline set by the academic calendar after passing the thesis examination, you will not be granted a degree on the graduation date of the semester.

-The degree will not be awarded on the graduation date of the semester and a degree award (graduation) certificate will not be issued.

-A successful thesis candidate whose degree has been suspended due to failure to submit a completed thesis will be awarded a degree on the graduation date of the semester of submission if the thesis is submitted within the deadline for the next semester.

If the thesis is not submitted by this deadline, the passing grade of the previous semesters thesis examination will be canceled, and the thesis must be examined again to receive the degree.


Effective date: 2016. 1 semester from those who passed the main examination


3. Application Procedure and Extension for Graduate Thesis Deferral

If you need to postpone the release of your thesis for a certain period of time, the grace period is : initially 6 months (up to 2 years, extendable in 6-month increments)

-After applying for a grace period GLS and submitting it to the administration with the signature of your advisor, the medical school management committee will review and finalize it,

-If you want to extend the grace period, you must also be reviewed by the Medical School Management Committee every 6 months.

-Reasons for applying for suspension of disclosure of thesis: If you need to suspend the disclosure of your thesis for a certain period of time for reasons such as intellectual property protection, publication, publication in academic journals, and agreements with research funding organizations.

-Application process: GLS   Application / Eligibility Management   Application for Deferred Publication of Thesis   Deferred Publication of Thesis (Deferred Publication)   Application

* Print out the application form   confirmation/signature of the advisor   scan    upload & submit the original to the administration office


Implementation date : 2016. 1 semester from those who passed the main examination