[2023-1] Application Guide for Request for Early Completion of Coursework for M.S/Ph.D-integrated course

GSBMS Date 2023-02-14 오후 5:19:57 Inquiries 601

1. Eligibility:

- Those who are enrolled in the 6th or 7th semester in the 1st semester of 2023 as an integrated master’s and doctoral degree student at our school, and who can satisfy all the credits for completion at the time of completion of the 1st semester of 2023

※ Maximum shortening of study period for combined master’s and doctoral course students: 1 year

※ Completion credits that must be met include major international language credits (6 credits), thesis writing method, and research ethics courses.

2. Application Period: 2. 27. (Mon) ~ 3. 2. (Thu) 17:00

※ You can apply after paying the tuition for the first semester of 2023

3. How to apply:

1) You can apply at "GLS > Application/Qualification Management > Early Completion Application"

2) Submit an application for shortening the length of study for the combined master’s and doctoral degree program to the administrative office (Form No. 20)

When applying, the application is completed only when both 1) and 2) are performed.