Notice on midterm exams for the first semester of the 2023 academic year

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Notice on midterm exams for the first semester of the 2023 academic year

From the 2020 academic year, midterm exams will be administered voluntarily by each course as follows, according to the judgment of the instructor in charge. In addition, if you use AI-generated by Chat GPT, etc. without the permission of the instructor in charge when writing exams and assignments, you may be subject to cheating. We ask for your active cooperation to ensure a fair and smooth examination.

1. Examination period: 7 ~ 8 weeks recommended (varies by course)

2. Examination procedure: offline examination, online examination, substitute assignment, etc.

3. Examination schedule and method: Refer to I-Campus or the announcement in class

4. Examination Notes

  (Common) Familiarize yourself with the examination date and procedure for each course in advance.

  (Offline test) If you are confirmed to have COVID-19, you cannot take the test.

Submit supporting documents (medical certificates, etc.) to the instructor and follow the instructors instructions for alternative assessments.

  (Online test) Take the exam individually in a quiet and independent space

  (Online test) Take the exam in a stable internet environment using a PC (close all unnecessary programs)

  (Online test) Be sure to check your personal video equipment (webcam, microphone, speakers, or smartphone) for any abnormalities in advance and complete the test settings as instructed by the proctor.

If you are using a smartphone instead of a webcam, check the battery charge and connect to the wireless internet if data usage is limited.

  (Online test) Do not leave your seat while taking the exam and contact the proctor separately if you have any problems 

  (Common) If you suspect cheating during the exam, the proctor may request relevant confirmation and proceed according to the proctors instructions.

5. Any cheating is strictly prohibited in all exams and assignments, and if caught, a grade of F will be assigned and disciplinary action will be taken per the academic rules and related regulations.



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