Moon-Young Kim
Moon-Young Kim PhD
Professor: Graduate Program, Research Area, Laboratory, E-mail, Tel
Graduate Program Data Science & Precision Medicine/Cancer Biology
Research Area Forensic Pathology, Forensic Genetics
Laboratory Laboratory of Forensic Medicine
Tel +82-31-299-6077
Education & Careers
  • Education
    2012. 3. ~ 2019. 2. Seoul National University College of Medicine, Ph.D. in Forensic Medicine
    2007. 3. ~ 2011. 2. Ewha Womans University Medical School, Doctor of Medicine
    2003. 3. ~ 2007. 2. Seoul National University College of Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

    2011. 3. Medical Doctor from Ministry of Health and Welfare, Rep. of KOREA
    2016. 3. Pathologist from Ministry of Health and Welfare, Rep. of KOREA
    2017. 6. Forensic Pathologist from The Korean Society for Legal Medicine
    2017. 12. Medical Examiner from Korean Academy of Independent Medical Examiners

    Professional Experiences
    2011. 3. 1. ~ 2012. 2. 28. Internship in Seoul National University Hospital
    2012. 3. 1. ~ 2016. 2. 28. Residency for Pathologist in Seoul National University Hospital
    2016. 9. 1. ~ 2017. 8. 31. Researcher of Institute of Forensic and Anthropological Science, Seoul National University College of Medicine
    2017. 1. 1. ~ Present General Secretary of The Korean Society of Law and Medicine
    2018. 1. 1. ~ Present Part-time Medical Examiner for National Forensic Services
    2019. 3. 1. ~ 2021. 2. 21. Research Assistant Professor of Institute of Forensic and Anthropological Science, Seoul National University College of Medicine
    2022. 1. 1. ~Present Committee member for Examination of Killed or Wounded in Action and Death or Injury in the Line of Duty (Ministry of National Defense)
    2022. 1. 1. ~Present Director of public relations of The Korean Society of Legal Medicine
    2022. 6. 17. ~Present Committee member for Presidential Truth Commission on Deaths in the Military
    2022. 11. 17. ~ Present Committee Member for Unnatural Death Deliberative Committee of Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police
    2023. 1. 1. ~ Present Editorial Review Board Member for the Korean Journal of Legal Medicine
    2023. 1. 1. ~ Present Member of Court Professional Advisory Panel
    2023. 1. 5. ~ Present Member of Expert Committee for Drug Adverse Effect

Research Interest
Mitochondrial variant analysis of cancer tissue
Utilizing decomposed tissue in postmortem diagnosis
Postmortem human identification & diagnosis
Medical law and consultation
Representative Research Achievements
  • ▷ Kim MY, Kim H, Sung JA, Koh J, Cho S, Chung DH, Jeon YK, Lee SD. Whole Mitochondrial Genome Analysis in Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma reveals Unique Tumor-Specific Somatic Mutations. Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2022 (in press).
    ▷ Lee SW, Lee SD, Kim MY. Incarcerated Diaphragmatic Hernia after Right Hepatectomy: An Autopsy Case with a Review of 45 Previous Cases. Int J Legal Med. 2021 Jul 135(4):1549-1554.
    ▷ Kim MY, Lee SD. Concern about the Diagnosis of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in Current Death Investigation System. Korean J Leg Med. 202145:11-22.
    ▷ Kim MY, KW Jung. Admissibility of the Evidence from DNA Typing. Justice. 2020179:182-204.
    ▷ Kim MY, Cheong H, Kim HS Working Group for Standard Autopsy Guideline for COVID-19 from The Korean Society for Legal Medicine. Proposal of the Autopsy Guideline for Infectious Diseases: Preparation for the Post-COVID-19 Era (abridged translation). J Korean Med Sci. 2020 Aug 2435(33):e310.
    ▷ Cho S, Kim MY, Lee JH, Lee HY, Lee SD. Large-scale identification of human bone remains via SNP microarray analysis with reference SNP database. Forensic Sci Int Genet. 2020 Jul 47:102293.
    ▷ Kim MY, Cho S, Lee JH, Seo HJ, Lee SD. Detection of Innate and Artificial Mitochondrial DNA Heteroplasmy by Massively Parallel Sequencing: Considerations for Analysis. J Korean Med Sci. 2018 Dec 1133(52):e337.
    ▷ Kim MY, Koh J, Kim S, Go H, Jeon YK, Chung DH. Clinicopathological analysis of PD-L1 and PD-L2 expression in pulmonary squamous cell carcinoma: Comparison with tumor-infiltrating T cells and the status of oncogenic drivers. Lung Cancer. 2015 Apr 88(1):24-33.
    ▷ Kim MY, Kang CH, Park SH. Multifocal synchronous mucinous adenocarcinomas arising in congenital pulmonary airway malformation: a case report with molecular study. Histopathology. 2014 Dec 65(6):926-32.
    ▷ Kim MY, Go H, Koh J, Lee K, Min HS, Kim MA, Jeon YK, Lee HS, Moon KC, Park SY, Kim WH, Chung DH. Napsin A is a useful marker for metastatic adenocarcinomas of pulmonary origin. Histopathology. 2014 Aug 65(2):195-206.