Kyeung Min Joo
Kyeung Min Joo PhD
Professor: Graduate Program, Research Area, Laboratory, E-mail, Tel
Graduate Program Neuroscience
Research Area Neural stem cell treatment for neurodegenerative disease
Laboratory Cancer Metastasis and Stem Cell lab
Tel +82-31-299-6087
Education & Careers
  • 2002. Seoul National University College of Medicine (MD)
    2006. Seoul National University Graduate School (PhD)
    2009~2012. Seoul National University College of Medicine (Professor)
    2012-present. Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine (Professor)
    2018-present. Medinno Inc. (Founder & CEO)
Research Interest
Neural stem cell therapies have been studied in various neurological pathologies as alternative option. Several pre-clinical studies have shown NSC to be safe and effective leading to an increasing number of clinical trials. However, since fetal NSCs have ethical problems, we developed a novel method to isolate NSCs from surgical brain samples.
Current studies focus on treatment of brain metastatic cancer and neurological disorders by using adult human NSC and development of genetically modified stem cells to maximize the therapeutic effect.
Representative Research Achievements
  • 1. Yeon, J. Y. Hwang, J. Y. Lee, H. W. Pyeon, H. J. Won, J. S. Noh, Y. J. Nam, H. Joo, K. M., Optimized Clump Culture Methods for Adult Human Multipotent Neural Cells. Int J Mol Sci 2018, 19, (11).

    2. Won, J. S. Yeon, J. Y. Pyeon, H. J. Noh, Y. J. Hwang, J. Y. Kim, C. K. Nam, H. Lee, K. H. Lee, S. H. Joo, K. M., Optimal Preclinical Conditions for Using Adult Human Multipotent Neural Cells in the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury. Int J Mol Sci 2021, 22, (5).

    3. Kim, S. S. Pyeon, H. J. Bae, Y. K. Nam, H. Kim, C. K. Lee, S. H. Joo, K. M., Adult Human Multipotent Neural Cells Could Be Distinguished from Other Cell Types by Proangiogenic Paracrine Effects via MCP-1 and GRO. Stem Cells Int 2021, 2021, 6737288.

    4. Nam, H. Lee, I. H. Sa, J. K. Kim, S. S. Pyeon, H. J. Lee, K. H. Lee, K. Lee, S. H. Joo, K. M., Effects of Long-Term In Vitro Expansion on Genetic Stability and Tumor Formation Capacity of Stem Cells. Stem Cell Rev Rep 2022, 18, (1), 241-257.

    5. Kim, C. K. Hwang, J. Y. Hong, T. H. Lee, D. M. Lee, K. Nam, H. Joo, K. M., Combinational stem cell therapy for critical hindlimb ischemia using dental pulp stem cells and human umbilical vein endothelial cells. BMB Rep 2022.