Translational Neuroscience and Cardiovascular Research Lab(뇌.심혈관질환 중개연구실)

세포생리학, 순환생리학, 전기생리학, 뇌신경과학 Laboratory
뇌.심혈관질환 중개연구실
In this laboratory, we are studying the mechanism of regulation of ion channel proteins as the cause of cardiac arrhythmias and various neurological diseases.

Disease-related genetic mutations are being discovered in large quantities with the help of the latest genetic analysis technology. On the other hand, there were few results of disease-related functional studies on the discovered gene mutations.

This research team can realize “from bench to beside” by establishing a framework for developing new therapies and clinical applications related to ion channel diseases by identifying various ion channel regulation mechanisms in the cell membrane and searching for and validating candidate substances that can control them. We are conducting basic and clinical integrated research.

As a research method, various techniques such as patch-clamp technique, microfluorometry, and confocal microscopy are used for brain neurons and heart cells of mice.
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