Mitochondrial Biotechnology Lab(미토콘드리아 생명공학 연구실)

Seonghyun Lee

Mitochondria / Genome Editing Laboratory
미토콘드리아 생명공학 연구실
MBTL - Mitochondrial Biotechnology Lab

Mitochondrial Biotechnology via Genome Editing

- Protein Engineering for Better Performance in Genome Engineering
- Mouse Model for Genetic Disease
- Therapeutic Mitochondrial Genome Editing

Our group is researching cutting-edge biotechnology related to mitochondria and aiming to develop novel genome editing proteins for mitochondrial science. Also, our team is dedicated to refining genome editing techniques through advanced protein engineering. This improvement in DNA editing tools is crucial for achieving effective genome modifications. Additionally, our goal involves generating mice with edited mitochondrial DNA carrying specific mitochondrial diseases, and exploring potential therapeutic mitochondrial DNA editing. By utilizing reliable tools to introduce point mutations in mouse embryos, we can explore the consequences of various mitochondrial DNA mutations.
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- Seonghyun Lee*, Hyunji Lee*, Gayoung Baek, Eunji Namgung, Joo Min Park, Sanghun Kim, Seongho Hong, Jin-Soo Kim “Enhanced mitochondrial DNA editing in mice using nuclear-exported TALE-linked deaminases and nucleases”, Genome Biology, 2022, 23, 211, 10.1186/s13059-022-02782-z, IF = 12.3
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