Financial Support


  • 01 BK FOUR Program's Support

    Master's program: Over 0.7 million won per month PhD program: Over 1.3 million won per month Integrated Master's and PhD Program: 0.7 million won per month for two years, and 1.3 million per month for next three years.

  • 02 School Scholarship

    Shimsan scholarship Excellent student scholarship TA scholarship.

  • 03 Research Assistant Scholarship

    Financial support will be provided through external research grant.


  • 01 Support for International Conference and Training

    Expenses for International conferences and short or long-term overseas training can be fully or partially supported based on competition

  • 02 Research Incentive

    Financial incentive will be provided to whom publishes research paper in the top 10% of JCR category or a journal with an impact factor higher than 10.

  • 03 Thesis Award

    Excellent thesis award will be awarded in the research festival held in the end of the year.

  • 04 Academic Award

    Academic Awards in the name of the Vice-chancellor of medical affair of Sungkyunkwan University or the Dean of School of Medicine will be given to graduate students who published excellent thesis to inspire research motivation.